Monster Factory

Created for UDC Jam Week #7

An evil Monster Factory has appeared outside a peaceful town and it's up to you to gather resources and build defenses to protect the town from certain doom.

1) If the game window is too big, try zooming out on your browser (control/command + minus) or click the fullscreen button
2) If you're having performance issues, try playing the downloadable windows/mac version which includes a couple of lower quality levels that run much better on lower end hardware


  • Gather wood by cutting down trees
  • Gather elemental crystals by mining
  • Obtain gold by defeating monsters and finding treasure chests
  • Build towers using those resources in order to stop the monsters from reaching the town
  • Don't get distracted watching the battle unfold or you'll fall behind!


  • Gameplay
    • WASD - Move Character
    • Left Click - Attack
    • F - Interact (Build, Chop, Mine, Upgrade, Research)
    • X - Destroy Tower
  • Options
    • M - Mute Music
    • N - Mute Sound
    • O - Lower Mouse Look Sensitivity
    • P - Increase Mouse Look Sensitivity


  • Easy
    • Same as normal but enemies have 66% reduced HP
  • Normal
    • 75-90 seconds per wave
    • 5 wood per tree, 2 crystals per mine
    • Large amount of gold from enemies and chests
    • Enemies deal 10% gate damage, bosses deal 15%, end boss deals 25%
    • Short tutorial included
  • Hard
    • 60-75 seconds per wave
    • 3 wood per tree, 1 crystal per mine
    • 33% less gold from enemies and chests
    • Enemies deal 20% gate damage, bosses deal 30%, end boss deals 50%
    • No tutorial included


Download 124 MB
Download 129 MB


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Any plans to continue this? Artstyle is a 10/10

I really enjoyed this!

Looks Amazing!


A gaming masterpiece

Thanks bruv